Liquorice&Salmiakki Festival

Are you a big fan of black gold?

If you are in the Nordics, Black Gold is what we call our delicious Liquorice! 11-12 November in the heart of Helsinki you have an amazing opportunity to visit the most ‘liquorishy’ event of the year – Liquorice and Salmiakki festival.

If you are wondering what ‘Salmiakki’ is, we can give you a few hints here. Salmiakki or otherwise known in Finland as a Finnish candy is a sweet made of salted liquorice. This is something extremely traditional in Finland and the Nordics. The main ingredient is the extract derived from the liquorice root known as ammonium chloride.

Salmiakki is also the reason for a big divide in the society; some people are very fond of it, but some absolutely hate it. For many foreigners who are coming from Asia or Latin America, the taste of Salmiakki sweet is reminiscent of a cough syrup. Indeed, liquorice root does have a power to help with healing a sore throat.  But regardless of its medicinal powers, any foreigners find that Salmiakki taste is a bit too much for them to handle. You can perhaps describe the phenomenon of Salmiakki as a Finnish marmite. Love it or hate it!

But anyway, the taste of the candy is very distinctive and can hardly be described in words. The best thing to do to work out whether you like it or not is just to try it! When visiting supermarkets in Finland, you will definitely notice that locals have a great devotion to the product. You will find products such as Salmiakki ice cream, Salmiakki chocolate, Salmiakki yoghurts and cookies; we even created a real Salmiakki vodka type drink! In fact there are not so many products that do not have Salmiakki in, so look out carefully for what you buy.

I would really recommend that you go and check out the liquorice festival just as a part of your local cuisine experience in Helsinki! Follow the information below to buy your tickets and find the venue!

Location: Wanha Satama, Taxpath in Helsinki
Open: Saturday 11th November at 10-18;  Sunday 12th November at 11-17
Entrance: 12 Euros, pre-purchase 10 Euros.

Here you buy your ticket

Enjoy the festival!

Helsinki Guru ^^