Introduction to Helsinki


With a population of just under 620,000, the capital of Finland – Helsinki could certainly not be described as a mega-city like Moscow or London. Its beauty is in its modest size – and reflects the equally small country population of just under 5.6 million people. But for what Helsinki lacks in size, it more than makes up with its personality, its history, its culture, its beautiful nature and its diverse array of architecture.

Helsinki is in many ways perfectly located for the avid travelers.

To give you an idea.

  • NORTH – Lapland by train in 8.5-9 hours
  • EAST – Moscow by sleeping train in 14 hours
  • SOUTH – Tallinn by boat in 2.5 hours
  • WEST – Stockholm by an overnight boat
  • Or flights to many other major cities such as Tokio, Hong Kong, Rome, London, New York amongst many others.

You can find a great diversity of cultures, cuisines, architectural styles and personalities in Helsinki. For example – whilst wandering around the Senate Square and admiring the vast array of Russian “Empire Style” buildings, you can almost lose yourself and imagine you are once again a part of the Russian Imperial era, when this part of the city was created.

For the artistic souls, a pleasurable stroll around Katajanokka island will show you the second largest collection of Art Nouveau buildings in Europe (after Riga) as well as the great achievements of the Finnish National Romantic Style.

You can find superior buildings such as those designed by Alvar Aalto – Finlandia music hall, or the Stora Enso building. Perhaps for the Moomin fans amongst us, perhaps you want to take a stroll in “Tove Jansson park” – where Tove Jansson – the creator of the moomins, used to play as a child and spent her early years. Or for some nature try the beautiful Esplanadi park, or even a picturesque boat journey to Suomenlinna. All these things are only a very small part of what Helsinki has to offer.

In the series of blog posts we will tell you everything you should know about Helsinki and places around it so that you get the most out of your time here!

Stay with us!
Helsinki Guru ^^